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NFA Auctions is a dedicated machine gun auction created by auctioneers Tom Selmont and Ryan Brechlin. Tom and Ryan launched Connecticut Firearms Auction in 2017, and continue to grow and expand operations through the United States. They have always put customer service and professionalism first. Whether you are buying your first machine gun, or selling an entire collection, they will do the job right.

NFA Auctions is a live in-person and simulcast live-online auction with a brick and mortar facility in Plantsville Connecticut. All auctions feature a live video and audio stream with a live auctioneer calling bids. We process and file the ATF and NFA paperwork for the secure and legal transfer of your machine gun collection. Our team expertly catalogs, photographs, and displays your guns prior to the auction date. After the auction, we collect funds, process paperwork, and get you paid.

Commission is as low as 0% for transferable machine guns, commission varies on other items based on value. The buyer’s premium is as low as 15%. It’s that simple.

Search engines, auction platforms and social media are actively suppressing and removing content for the legal transfer of NFA items such as machine guns, short barreled rifles, shotguns, and suppressors. The legal sale of machine guns is alive and well at Join our mailing list for upcoming auctions, or contact us to find out how to sell your machine gun collection.